Sharpen the Pencil #2 Patient Communications

Sharpen the Pencil #2 | Patient Communications

Welcome back to the Sharpen the Pencil series. 

Each Sharpen the Pencil update will focus on one aspect of how you use EXACT at your practice with a Best Practice Knowledge Update.  The update may introduce you to a new feature or ask you to review how you use an existing feature. The updates will also include Quick Tips.

Quick Tip #1 | If you have just updated your version from a version earlier than 13.5 you will now see that Instant Messenger got a revamp.  The Instant Messenger icon a great way to send a quick message to someone in your team without leaving your side of the practice.  Check out how this useful tool that just got better.

Best Practice Knowledge Update #1 | Patient Communications

At this time, it is important to keep your customers informed.  Your communications during the Covid-19 crisis can strengthen the relationship you have with your patients.  This is a time to reassure your patients you are taking a pro-active approach to patient care during the Covid Crisis.

This update focuses on the EXACT feature called Contact Lists.  Contact list enables you to send Email and SMS communication in bulk to your active patients.

Contact list also allow you to send communication to a specific group of patients.

Here are some suggestions of what you may wish to communicate to your patients:

  • reassure your patients you are prepared
  • let patients know what precautions you are taking
  • confirm if you are open for emergency treatments
  • outline what qualifies as an Emergency case
  • let patients know how they can schedule an emergency appointment

Other communications ideas:

  • The importance of minimising dentist visits by cleaning teeth properly
  • How dentistry is adapting to the Covid virus (managing aerosols)
Consider sharing something more personal about your team such as “our lockdown hobbies”

Sharpen the Pencil | coming up next…

Communication to patients who have incomplete treatment.

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Last Updated 18/08/2020

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