Sharpen the Pencil #1 Version Updates

Sharpen the Pencil #1 | Version Updates

Version Updates (formally known as Upgrades) just got better. The Development Team has improved the speed of how long it takes to update an EXACT database.

Why Update?

Updating your EXACT database will ensure you get fast access to improvements, bug fixes, and new features.Our Development Team releases regular updates to ensure EXACT keeps pace with third party changes. So if a company, like Microsoft, makes changes to their product, it won’t impact practices with a current EXACT update.

What Else Is New?

When your practice database has updated to Version 13.40, your EXACT database will Auto-Update. Following your next update, EXACT will check (once a week) to see if a newer version is available.If a new version is available, EXACT will send you a notification of the scheduled update time. You will be given the option to ‘postpone’ the update if needed.

Benefits of the auto-updates

The goal of auto-updates is to reduced cost to your business.Updates will occur automatically overnight so your practice does not have to spend time out of hours updatingYou no longer need to call EXACT Support to run an update for youYour practice does not have to pay for your IT to perform the upgradesBy updating EXACT at your practice, you have access to great new features.Your Next Steps: Book a time for your next update. We will check your hardware is compatible with the next update and make sure the update runs smoothly. From Version 13.40 the hand holding will no longer be required.

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Last Updated 29/05/2020

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