Introducing Sharpen the Pencil

Introducing Sharpen the Pencil

COVID-19 is calling upon business owners to create new and dynamic strategies for ensuring business resilience.

When asked how best to prepare your business for the current challenges and beyond, the answer is the same one we have all turned to these past few weeks to get us through the COVID-19 crisis – technology!

EXACT has been an essential part of your practice for many years. We are proud that some of our customers have been using EXACT since the late 1980’s.

The EXACT Development Team continues to deliver innovative technology aimed at improving every aspect of dental practice management. Our key objective stands firm in these changing time – to help good practices to continue to be great businesses.

The Sharpen the Pencil series has been developed to ensure your team can optimise how they use EXACT.

Our team will share our best practice knowledge to ensure your team has;

  • Access to the latest EXACT features
  • Clarity on how best to utilise new features
  • Confidence to improve your team’s workflow efficiencies using EXACT tools.

Sharpen the Pencil is 100% Free

Each Sharpen the Pencil update will focus on one aspect of EXACT. This is an opportunity to discover, review, adopt effective processes, and fully utilise EXACT tools and features.

So let’s get started!

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Last Updated 29/05/2020

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